Chantel Ross – Registered Reflexologist

“I am a registered Therapeutic Reflexologist, and member of Allied Health Professions Council of SA as well as The South African Reflexology Society.     

Reflexology is a passion of mine and something I am so excited about, as I have seen such amazing results in my patients.

During pregnancy, reflexology has a supportive role in relieving aches and pains, improving circulation, helping digestion and settling stress hormones.  It can be a wonderful modality during labour as it speeds up bodily processes, releases necessary hormones and acts as pain relief.  Post pregnancy is often when the new mother neglects the support she needs, but this is a vital time for reflexology as it settles hormones, increases milk supply and helps the body return to it’s pre-pregnancy state.”

Initial Consultation: R300

Treatment plan:
Bi-monthly – R250 per treatment
Weekly – R220 per treatment
Bi weekly – R200 per treatment