Claire Brauer – Sovereign

“Baby wearing is a passion of mine and something I really want to share with new moms as it makes the transition into motherhood that much easier. Babies are more settled and content, soothed by mom’s heartbeat – a familiar sounds that reminds them of their time in the womb. The fourth trimester is a time to cherish, keeping your newborn nestled nice and close and baby wearing allows you to do this while still being able to get on with your daily life, hands-free! Each Sovereign sling is hand-made (by me) with loads of love and care and I am equally passionate about showing moms how to baby wear correctly and safely. For this reason, each purchase is accompanied by a free consultation that shows you how to position your baby, adjust your sling and achieve maximum comfort and ease of use. If my client is not in the Cape Town region then I offer support via video call and I also send links to helpful youtube videos. My aim is also to make babywearing affordable to all without compromising on the quality – the fabric I use is all 100% cotton from either Kenya, India or Turkey.”

Ring slings are suitable from birth until toddler age, making it the perfect go-to sling for any occasion – not only are they light and compact but they are also beautiful accessories that look as good as they are comfortable. Sovereign slings come in a variety of colours from cheerful and vibrant to more muted and neutral tones. Whatever your style, there is sure to be a design that you’ll love so get in touch to book your consultation and choose your beautiful sling!

Claire – 082 846 2433