Leah Hawker – Professional Photographer

“My name is Leah, I’m a photographer, a creative and passionate about working with topics related to women through photographic image making. 

I’ve been working in this specific field for the last 13 years and apart from the portraits, documentary stories, pregnancies, births and newborns which I love to photograph, I also produce exhibition work which deals with women’s sense of self-perception and identity in our culture.

Working closely with people is what I enjoy most, I find people’s individuality and experiences to be very inspiring which is why documenting moments like labour and birth is so exceptional to me.

I run a beautiful light-filled studio in the heart of the old textile district in Woodstock, Cape Town which has stunning views over Devils Peak. I would love to meet for a coffee and hear what special moments in your life we can capture together.”

Leah Hawker


Lifestyle Maternity Photography:
1hr + shoot; 20-24 images R2250

Conceptual/Art Maternity Photography:

1-2 hr shoot; 12-16 images R2250

Birth Photography:

80-100 images; R5850

Brand New, Day One, Two or Three:

1hr shoot; 26-28 images; R2100

Newborn Studio or Home:
1hr shoot; 20-24 images; R2250

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