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As part of my commitment to improving birth, I regularly volunteer my time as a W.O.M.B.S* Doula at New Somerset Hospital in Cape Town. I am also an Executive Committee Member at the hospital’s Volunteer Center.

The women that come into hospital are often without partners and from an impoverished background.
They come to hospital without much more than the clothes they are wearing and have been unable to make provision for themselves or their baby. There is a desperate need to assist these women and provide them with some comfort and dignity during this life-changing time, provide encouragement and hope and light the way for them as they embark on their journey into motherhood.
doula, doula support, midwife, cot, baby blankets, baby bedding, baby photography, support for mothersIn October 2014, after working with the Volunteer Coordinator at the hospital it came to light that what was sorely lacking was basic toiletries such as maternity pads for after the birth. It was then that I wanted to extend the amount of support I give these women so I decided to set about finding a way to provide mothers like these with more than just my time. I wanted to find a way of giving them something useful and practical. A gift that continued to send my message of support to them and a reminder of my belief in them after I had left.

I gathered donations of fabric from numerous fabric shops, set about finding ladies who could sew bags using the donated fabric and brainstormed ways to find people who would donate toiletries to add to the packs.

I now have the regular support of sewing ladies from Saint Oswald’s Church, Milnerton who keep a constant supply of beautiful hand-sewn bags streaming in. Have had a bumper toiletry donation coming in from Edgemead Primary School, have a small group of local ladies who knit beanies and jersies and have countless individuals who have supplied the project with nappies, baby clothes, and toiletries. In addition, the WOMBS* doula-training organisation also donated nappies, maternity pads and toiletries.
I am also hugely grateful to the employees of Old Mutual who, provided us with over 100 Shoeboxes of Love just in time for Christmas 2015. We were able to bless so many mothers.

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Our past and present beneficiaries include:
– Mater Domini Home, Claremont
– Hopefield Clinic, West Coast
– New Somerset Hospital, Cape Town
– Paternoster Satellite Clinic, West Coast
– Grace and Clara, Redhill

The Pear Tree Project (so-called as the pear tree represents a gift from the angels, symbolizes spiritual nourishment, blessings, strength and fruitfulness), has thus evolved. And as we grow so will the number of moms who can benefit from our support.

If you are interested in becoming involved or would like to donate please contact me, Tarryn, via the contact page.

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*W.O.M.B.S Organisation – Women Offering Mothers Birth Support


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