Adjusting to Motherhood – Postnatal Support

Life with a new baby is exciting and truly wonderful but the physical and emotional changes a mother experiences should never be underestimated.
When the initial excitement and oxytocin-high starts to wear off, the flow of visiting relatives (along with the steady supply of helping-hands, advice, meals etc) has dwindled and your husband has returned to work, you can be left feeling lonely and isolated, exhausted and overwhelmed by the daunting task of looking after your bundle of joy all on your own. If you have other toddlers or older children, multiply these feelings by ten!

Motherhood is certainly not for the faint-hearted and, for as many moms making the transition with joy and ease, there are moms who find it anything but instinctive or easy. The sudden lifestyle change and sense of responsibility that arrives with your beautiful baby can hit hard.

If you are feeling tired, confused, uncertain, uncomfortable in your postpartum body, struggling with breastfeeding or simply need a good old chat with other moms who know what you’re feeling, get in touch! Support and guidance from postnatal specialists can make the world of difference. They understand the struggles and questions you are faced with after the birth of you baby and are here to help you on this amazing and turbulent journey that you have embarked upon.

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  Sarah Cosentino (Mom Matters) – Sunningdale

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