Birth Kit – Essentials for Labour


    For your convenience and peace-of-mind, My Birth Boutique has put together all the basic items you need for labour and birth in one handy, ready-to-go birthing pack. We have chosen items using our first-hand experience and practical knowledge gained as mothers so you can be sure to feel well prepared.

    Each pack comes in a re-useable, cotton drawstring bag – great for keeping all your dirty laundry in when in hospital.

    *Image is a Representation only. Colours may vary depending on availability.

    ** One size Brief fits all

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    Birth Packs consist of the following:

    Pair of socks (your feet get cold during labour)
    Faceclothes x 2 (one for body, one for face)
    Mom and baby balm (for lips/nipples/baby’s bum)*
    Energy sweets (very helpful for giving you a boost during active labour)
    Stress pads x 2 (These are longer than other pads and great for use immediately after birth)
    Post-delivery pads x 12
    Disposable briefs x 3**
    Perineal cold pack x2 (for soothing relief and reduction of inflammation after birth or for use on your forehead during labour when you are feeling hot and sweaty.)
    Breastpads x 6 (your milk usually comes in around day three so in case you are still in hospital, these will help         keep you dry and comfortable until you get home)
    Linen savers x 2 (some hospitals provide, others ask you to bring, and they are great to use at home too)
    Bath Sitz (a combination of salt and therapeutic herbs to add to your bath water after birth. Helps heal and               soothe body and mind)

    *This balm has been carefully selected for our birth packs as it comes in a super convenient little tin, is 100% natural and organic, and is great for use on mom or baby. It contains honey, calendula, beeswax and essential oils and is hydrating, protective and anti-inflammatory. Whether you choose to use it on dry/chapped lips, nipples or as a barrier bum balm on baby, it will moisturise, soothe and protect.