“Thank you so much for popping in to see us today. It was great to see you again!
I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to you for all that you did for me in getting me through my labour and the role you played in bring Emma into the world.
You were amazing and I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I know xX”


The Birth of Seth

My husband and I are grateful to have had Tarryn’s support as a birthing coach. We were able to have an empowering and intimate birth experience, despite giving birth in hospital.
We highly recommend her services. She has a very calming and empathetic presence. She proved to be sensitive to our needs, highly professional and committed. She is deeply passionate and dedicated to her job. Our baby arrived at midnight. Tarryn was in no hurry to leave. She helped me ensure my baby latched correctly and that my breastfeeding was off to a good start.

Her services are invaluable.


The Birth of Matthew

Hi, here is a picture of our precious baby, Matthew. He was born on the 28th of March 2015.
I could not have gone through the labour without you Tarryn.

You were positive and supportive the whole labour and really helped get me through those contractions.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know. And when it is time for baby number two, I will definitely give you a call lol.

Thanks a million. Will definitely keep in touch.


The Birth of Elijah

24 November 2014 – a day I will never forget. I met my bundle of joy that I’ve been waiting for. My birth experience? At first I were scared. And stressed out just thinking about it. As a first time mum you don’t know what to expect so I was so relieved to have a Doula with me by my side. It made it so much easier.

She supported me from the beginning to the end, and assisted me with labour techniques.
I felt so strong as a woman, and motivated by someone who made me feel I could do it.
To have a Doula with you by your side is so helpful. I’ve learned a lot and I don’t see labour as a scary experience any more, all thanks to my Doula, Tarryn.
I’ve made it and I’m so proud of myself.
To all the Doulas out there thank you for doing what you do.


The Birth of Baby Alif

“My experience having had a Doula was wonderful.
It really gave me that much needed emotional support I required.
With it having been my first baby I was very inexperienced and unaware of all the procedures one has to deal with when giving birth. My Doula made me knowledgeable and gave me information that really boosted my confidence and assisted in my positive and natural birth. I am grateful for my Doula’s support and for encouraging such a beautiful and calm birthing experience!”