24 November 2014 – a day I will never forget. I met my bundle of joy that I’ve been waiting for. My birth experience? At first I were scared. And stressed out just thinking about it. As a first time mum you don’t know what to expect so I was so relieved to have a Doula with me by my side. It made it so much easier.

She supported me from the beginning to the end, and assisted me with labour techniques.
I felt so strong as a woman, and motivated by someone who made me feel I could do it.
To have a Doula with you by your side is so helpful. I’ve learned a lot and I don’t see labour as a scary experience any more, all thanks to my Doula, Tarryn.
I’ve made it and I’m so proud of myself.
To all the Doulas out there thank you for doing what you do.